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Bleed & Purge Valves

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Bleed & Purge Valves

Bleed & Purge Valves


Venting & Purging of Instrument System, Hydraulic & Pneumatic System


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  • Stainless Steel and Carbon steel Construction
  • Compact for convenient installation
  • Male NPT and SAE end connections
  • Size range from 1/8in ~ 1/2 in tubing and piping systems


  • Maximum Working Pressure:
    up to 10000psi (689bar) @ 100°F (38°C)
  • Working Temperature Range:
    – 65°F to 850°F (- 54°C to 454°C) with stainless steel
    – 20°F to 450°F (- 29°C to 232°C) with carbon steel

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